Not a sappy post

30 December 2016

Before I turn into sappy mode that comes with the year-end syndrome, this isn’t exactly going to be an in-depth analysis of how my year went. Let's leave the potency of resolutions as well. Unfortunately, I wasn't born for it.

Bikini top: Divided by H&M / Denim jacket: Levis

Unless you're a bona fide superwoman, you've probably had your fair share of repeated time malpractice. My morning routine always started with maxing out the limit of my snooze button and moving onto my 15-minute designated time for checking emails and social media accounts—comfortably scrolling through my phone thinking I have all the time in the world. To cut the story short, I almost always ended up unfed and 15 minutes late for class. If anything, 2016 was the year of trying new things without entirely letting go of the old ones. 

In 2016: I've been snoozing my alarm once, I gave into orthodontic braces, tried on prescription contact lens, and the list goes on. Such changes are not as extravagant as moving into a new city, getting an apartment, and paying my own bills. I'll get there. But for now, allow me to indulge in the luxury of celebrating little things and the changes it brings. Little things that help me piece myself together. Cue in Gilmore Girls reference: It's the little things, the details that distinguish the Barbara Streisands from the Roselyn ones. I'm truthfully no superwoman, hence, occasionally allowing the lazy monster to fully take over me. It's in case-to-case basis that I've learned to put my trust in the power of multitasking. That means applying mascara in the car and grabbing drive-thru breakfast. 

A predicted season of carbs on carbs—eating my own weight in ice cream and in chocolate, and testing my alcohol tolerance, helped me come into terms with the idea that drastic changes only happen when you let it. Taking me to the conclusion that everything in life is a play-by-play. A Step-by-step. As the great Theodore Roosevelt puts it, "Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster."

Something old, something new. A realization of 2016 that a mixture of both often makes the perfect margarita. And like a perfect margarita, it gives you a perfect mix of sanity and otherwise. After all, life is indeed a beautiful mess. 

2017, be one with me. 


  1. Did ya know you inspired me to blog? Remember that anonymous sending questions on askfm how did you buy your domain name? Haha it was me. I always end up late too because ~traffic~ or ~contemplating in life~ char. Cheers for 2017, Ate Cae �� hope you're doing well :)


    1. Wow. I'm out of words <3

      I hope you're a more constant blogger than I am. Haha. Happy New Year, Kai! :)

  2. Your smile is so genuine! And can I just also say that you are so sexy! Hihi. May this year be as beautiful as last year!

    Yours, Xeph.

    1. Hihi. Mindset is everything. Thank you, thank you! May the odds be in our favor. Happy New Year to you, Xeph! <3