To The Boy I Call Home

25 October 2015

To the boy I call home, I want to apologize for having it completely together one minute and being messed up the next.

I apologize for being difficult on multiple occasions and multiple times on an occasion. I apologize for being too stubborn. I apologize for being too insensitive. I apologize for keeping your hopes up. I apologize for running when I don't even have to. I apologize for not being there to hold you when you need me to.

To the boy I call home, I want to thank you for unconsciously letting me realize things I would've never done on my own: like cursing too much, shopping too much, and being too impatient. I want to thank you for being my solid rock whenever I feel like I couldn't go on any longer. Thank you for constantly giving me perspective on things that I've overlooked. Thank you for telling me 'I told you so' and kissing my forehead right after. Thank you for being so patient with me; waiting till I wrap things up until we can spend time on Skype or over the phone for hours. Thank you for sitting through all of my first-world problems. Thank you for constantly reminding me to believe in Him. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being unbelievably strong to hold both of us together.

To the boy I call home, life has been but a feat of roller coaster rides with you. You've made me fall deeply for the way that you areit would be too long an enumeration; but mostly, for the way you keep me challenged yet unfailingly secure. It feels like you're here even when you're really not. How do you even do that? It's been three tough years, yet I don't truly understand why you don't see what I see in you; you are the best one of the best ones. You are undeniably a gentleman, amazingly smart, unbelievably strong, and awfully patient with me.

To the boy I call home, I promise to be by your side even on times when I'm literally not. I promise to never get tired of calling you out. I promise to keep on looking forward to when return tickets wouldn't have to be booked.  I promise to support you in whatever dreams you have. I promise to keep on trying as long as you are.

You have been my favorite boy for three years and I intend to keep it that way for a very long time. 

Sloppy kisses to you, weirdo!

The real ones are coming soon, baby.

Sooner rather than later x


And here's a song to come with it :)

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