Willing and Able

29 August 2016

The past week was mainly spent on creating spotify playlists, binge eating, catching up on shelved books, and digging out every face mask and sitcom to marathon. I nearly forgot how great of a feeling it was to be a bum. 
However, as much as I love doing whatever my heart desires aka nothing, I’ve come to terms with the idea that I might be addicted to the work hysteria. I ended up gardening (that's if sweeping alone can be categorized as one) and adding plants to my room to compensate for the idle school week. As refreshing as it could be, I’m starting to miss scribbling errands on my planner. Odd, I know. 
Nonetheless, while I am yet to figure out how to get back into working mode, it is but a prelude to the semester break that has me half-excited to hunt for cheap tickets and get new boots. The other half is reading the entire Harry Potter series (I know right. I'm cringing at myself as well) and finally getting to wear the overpriced bikini I recently ordered — did I tell you I'm not very good with controlling myself? 

It's only recent that I decided to invest and plunge into Spotify Premium and no regrets so far. Check out my playlists and if you have one as well, feel free to leave yours below. 

This is my favorite playlist:


  1. Hi Chel! I like the way you edit your photos <3

    1. Hi, Pearl! It's actually, Cae. Hehe. Thank you so much! I appreciate it <3