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09 October 2021

I’ve been documenting my life through writing since I was 14. Boy, were things different. 

Ever since 2018, podcasts have played a great role in my life realizations. I've never even thought about a retirement fund until Joyce Pring told me about it. Saab Magalona even made me realize that there's nothing wring with not watching my friends' Instagram Stories––in this sense, ignorance is indeed a bliss.

I've been documenting my life since I was 14. That it, that's the tweet. Ever since I appreciated keeping my circle small, I've been enjoying more intimate conversation with friends that allow me to reflect about how my life was and how it's going. The Obama couple and Leni Robredro had me realize the beauty of documenting conversations with people I love. Whether it's just fondly looking back or are thought provoking decisions about the future. Heck, even if it's a conversation with myself. 

Here we are, 2 episodes into the Ughs and Ohs Podcast. Without denying the effort of taking 6 hours to edit the 30-second podcast trailer, I truly enjoy the authenticity in all of it. I am so excited to document more conversations with the people I genuinely enjoy genuine conversations with. 

Here we go!

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