Truth notes

22 June 2022

At the age of 27, I realized how much power the intent for revisionism holds—most especially at this time when it’s easy to get drowned in disinformation.

Here I am, drafting this post on May 24 at 7:20pm, minutes after my therapy—in hopes of immortalizing my truth in the confines of my little space on the internet. Yes, my best friend Belle reminded me that blogging is forever.

Years from now, I want to stay reminded about the importance of establishing a sense of security and creating something to keep myself grounded. 

  1. Home is where the heart is. A house, certain people, or my favorite dish. I have come to a conclusion that home to me is made up of tiny pieces that make my heart full.
  2. Being genuine to myself should be my top priority. It’s only then that I am able to assume sincerity with myself.
  3. I am a lot of things—and that’s perfectly alright. I like articles but videos keep me just as entertained. I bake pre-mixed brownies but I sure do make a clean rice bowl from scratch.
  4. Speaking of which: I do not share the same principles with everyone else. As always, there is an option to agree to disagree but I will no longer suppress my own for their peace of mind. Anything to still wild waves inside my mind.
  5. Other people’s truths aren’t mine but it shouldn’t be that hard to understand where they’re coming from. As the great Father Orbos reminds me, there is humility in empathy.
  6. Grace upon grace upon grace. Regardless of there being so much to lose, there’s nothing like the power of true grace in defeat.
  7. God can move mountains but that doesn’t make Him a genie. As always, you reap what you sow.
  8. Relationships are fragile. They take time and effort. Especially one you share with yourself. 
  9. You don’t have to be present everywhere. 
  10. On this note, you don’t have to follow back every single person you’ve been acquainted with, on Instagram. It’s not a seal of friendship. The vibe is.
  11. Your headspace is [currently] hectic but I guess that’s what age is supposed to come with—mindfulness of responsibility. You’ve come so far. Don’t let it get to you. Not even Twitter trolls.
  12. If you have people in your life worth plane rides, 3am calls, taking screenshots for, and even credit card swipes, you’ve got all you need. 
  13. God listens and works behind the scenes. Sometimes you get so caught up in what should’ve been but I hope you never forget the magic of a grateful heart. Sometimes everything you’ve prayed for is everything you have now. Humility—always.

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