Everybody says no

19 August 2017

In this country's humidity, I take slight signs of precipitation as a chance to layer a little and maybe slip on some boots I may or may not take out only thrice a year.

In a country where the people are living in chronic humidity, everybody says don't wear boots, don't wear jeans, don't wear boots with jeans—non-verbatim of course. All is fair in love and war and the easiest way to survive the carnage is total surrender and going with whatever the weather decides you should wear. So when the sky gets a little obscure, you take the hint and go for everything they say you shouldn't.

It's often challenging to put together an outfit for the day as the weather could be as moody as....well, me. It's sunny for an hour and drizzling the next. I try to layer up whenever I can so as to change things up a little when the weather decides to take a turn. 

Sheer top (H&M Coachella Collection) / Tank top (Forever 21) / Denim jeans (Mantou Clothing) / Bag (Mango) / Boots (Forever 21)

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