Running to stand still

12 August 2017

Back and forth, I've been debating whether I make time for this little corner and actually document and share my life for the worldwide web to see /or/ take the time to just catch up on sleep via divided naps.

Take finance, they said. You will be fine, they sad. It will be easy, they said. Since school started, I have been incessantly overwhelmedspeech after speech, report after report. Not to mention hitting desperation by taking my notes to a Sunday family dinner. I'm just happy I got through midterms week in one piece. #thankful

If there's any take away in the preoccupation, it's remembering to be thankful for a) Celebrating 5 years with Marc. Cue in Stick with you by the Pussycat dolls, b) my family—my constant cheerleaders, c) friends—who make the day bearable, d) breakfast food for dinner, and lastly, e) that one thing that keeps me up and gets me up—iced coffee.

Ahh, a week or two of down time. This must be prescribed by the heavens as it's exactly what I need. Time for Netflix movies I've been wanting to watch and books I've been craving to read. 

The key to sanity is a well-balanced life. 

There's time for the books; there's time for the brows. 

x, Cae

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