Makati Life in Faux Film

28 October 2017

When school hits you hard with pop quizzes, papers on top of papers, and endless chapters to read, at the end of the semester, the best thing to do is breathe in, breathe out, and book a ticket to a.....much busier city.

This isn’t your average Kevin McCallister at the Plaza moment with ceilings higher than your standard, crystal chandeliers, and a bath tub that could host a party. The place I've come to call a home has become a sanctuary on its own.  For the past 3 years, each time I flew in, I am always tirelessly adopted by the Tiu sisters (always grateful < 3). Waking up to a view of the skyscrapers from the 31st floor, hanging out on the balcony, grabbing a slice of Mary Grace, and hitting the pool is a routine I truly look forward to every time. 

Allow me to end this monologue by talking about bestfriends and breakfast. To cut the story in the shortest way possible, we couldn't even hardly tell if the bacon was cooked unless it was overcooked—but that's always the fun part... right?

Thank you @Mongkeydo for the pool pics. Thanks bro. 

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