2017: Living by Hannah Montana's Wisdom

31 December 2017

Despite being the major plot twist for many, I'm choosing to look back at the year in a positive light. Only count the things that matter, they said.

Completing the 9-Day Sto. Niño Novena mass, out of town trips with my family, attending my best friend's graduation, hitting the beachwith friends, meaningful dinner get togethers with my best friend, celebrating 5 years with Marc, and etc (posting more proof on IG next year lol).

I've learned to be patient and to go with the flow of life. I've learned to work hard for the things I want and let go of things I have no control over. Perhaps Hannah Montana wasn't lying when she said life's what you make it.

As I attempted to create a checklist of resolutions, I came to a realization that it's all about being better at the little things. Drinking lots of water, organizing my notes, being patient in the Starbucks line, holding the elevator door open, sharing a table, etc.

In a grand scheme of things, the only resolution is to be patient with oneself. In this world of chaos, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. I say hell to naysayers and just do you and be the best at it.

In 2017 I've lost and I've won.
I'm excited for more, 2018.

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