Today, I'm 23

12 May 2018

I keep getting all these extremely troublesome feelings about my upcoming quarter-life crisis:

Would my job be prestigious enough to humblebrag about at parties and would Jamie look better than Le Boy for brunch, which one would make me look more like an actual adult. These are problems, man and they’re all rushing at my face like a generously double shot of whisky.

The funny thing is that my 16 year old self thought that at 23, I would actually be running an apartment, paying bills, shopping for skintight pantsuits, and sashaying to a board meeting in my Jimmy Choo’s with a morning latte in hand.

Today, I’m 23: unemployed, karat-less, hitching on my dad’s netflix, relying on my mom for breakfast, and currently waiting for my online purchases. I have had multiple episodes of Marissa Cooper breakdowns and maybe Izzie Stevens too — and after all of it, I always find pieces of who I want to be. Every time. And that, I think, is something to celebrate on. Buzzfeed was right — it’s always the little things.

I’m 23 and I think being a little bit older is an excuse for more champagne, croissant, a little less whinnying and a little more living. Really living. Think Carrie Bradshaw.

Disclaimer: My actual birthday is May 7.

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