Photo editing apps I use

30 August 2018

After being asked several times what app I used for this, what app I used for that, it's time to channel the inner Oprah in me and share my tricks. 

To be completely honest, like a 5-inch pair of stilettos, it took me a good while to be fully comfortable with my current editing style. It is necessary to be certain before sharing what I do and what I do it with. As luck, patience, and hard work would have it, here we are. 

Secret’s out: It always almost takes me nearly an hour to completely achieve the vibe I’m going for. It helps when I don’t overthink about a feed theme—it takes my obsessive-compulsive tendencies to the next level every time I try. Hence quitting the filter uniformity and just playing with the exposure, colors, clarity, and etc. of a photo. 

However, as much as I would like to comprehensively share a play by play editing recipe, it’s true what they say: every photo is different. Thus, instead, I'll be sharing the apps I swear by that help me achieve what I’m going for. Hopefully, they'll work for you as well. Explore, explore!

Here are the apps I use and what I use them for:

Photos from my instagram account: @caealen

In general, most apps offer the same features; modification in exposure, saturation, contrast, etc. I almost always use all three for one photo if I feel like I need a little bit more so don't be afraid to explore. Find your style then mix and match. No matter what you do and what you go for, always add vindication to individuality. That's what art is all about. After all, you are what you put into the world, in this case, in cyberspace.

Explore and enjoy!

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