A little less crazy

18 October 2020

The calm before the storm or the antithesis?

As a chronic complainer, there is an unconscious habit of falling into the dark pit of endless ranting that automatically creates a dead end. But as always, life has the funniest way of slipping sticky note reminders to take a chill pill. I'd like to believe that the increased daily consumption of caffeine has greatly influenced my take on life's clich├ęs. Thinking outside the box, everything in moderation, and being the bigger person, are wisdom nuggets I would've swiped left on.

The Moon brothers have taught me that counting to three makes life a little less crazy even if you're so close to feigning self-defense. Ko Mon-Yeong thinks it works (yes, here's a prescription dose of kdrama reference and you're welcome). Sharing dreams with my sister, listening to my best friends, and laughing with Marc are habits that reminds me all is well. I've accepted I'm not everyone's cup of tea and I keep an intimate circle but in any case, I feel genuinely loved. That my friend, is my life-long mantra.

When it's a bit more, regardless if it's the calm before the storm or the antithesis, I remind myself that the day ends and the sun will come again.

Life's pretty great. Shift your focus. 

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