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15 November 2020

Everything doesn't always make sense and there's no other way but to................pivot?

It's no surprise that the current world is driven by a fast-paced technology. Pic or it didn't happen, Do it for the 'gram, Stan, stan, stan! Unless you're from year 3000 (Jonas Brothers reference, yessir), you can't pull up Lightroom to add exposure or decrease life's contrast. You have to either toughen up and fight your demons or hit pause and try again.

A cut from the calamity fund of a calamity prone country, thoughtless promotions, a downward spiraling GDP, and a loan on loans yet the lack of transparency. These little "nerdy" things, my friends, are just as important as Blackpink's latest documentary. Like Bretman Rock, I don't want to get in trouble but I have a strong regard for integrity, compassion, and acknowledging the situation, may it be mine or someone else's.

It took quite a lot of time and effort to fully scrap the idea that life is the Sex and the City and that everyone is Carrie Bradshaw. The magic is in the little things—it's in the daily mundane routines. Freshly brewed coffee, banter with colleagues turned friends, Gilmore Girls lunch breaks, team wine nights, nightly kdrama dose, and looking forward to the weekend.  I can’t seem to stop gushing about the little things especially singing to The Beatles in the car with my dad.

Perhaps, I'm a Jenna Rink who realized she has everything she needs and she only has to be herself.

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