Home like home

29 November 2020

It’s been a hot minute and the best way to break the silence is to document a documented Saturday.

Crazy as it is, we’re over 8 months into quarantine and a fews days shy to the holidays officially rolling in. Time really does fly when there isn’t much transparency, doesn’t it? Puns aside, life is as well as it can get in the midst of a pandemic. 

Morning yoga, brewing coffee, reading a book, and lounging on my beach towel for prescribed Vitamin D (my psoriasis scars are screaming hello) is a weekend routine I look forward to. As I get older, no matter how mundane repeated cultural traditions may seem, they are what makes home feel like home.

Vis a vis front and back for 15 minutes. Buried in a book, continental breakfast, breakfast for brunch, hot and cold coffee, shadow play, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, and the best all-around table!

Ahhh, to have a home that feels like home.

I'm sorry about the lack of coaster, mommy.

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