The Sunday Currently No. 3

29 November 2020

Oh, wow. Life really is great.

Reading China Rich Girlfriend. Contrary to social media content, I honestly do enjoy the series. Hence, a girl’s gotta do what she can to extend said enjoyment.

Writing my social media content plan for the brand I’m launching soon. It’s been quite a struggle to juggle work and real life but all is well in wine and french vanilla candles.

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Listening to my unsteady playlist on Spotify. Feels, feels, feels. Gotta protect them ~feels~.

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Thinking about endless possibilities. I talked to a best friend about hanging on until further notice. Thank you, J.  What would my adult life be without you. 

Smelling french vanilla! I’ve always been used to Yankee’s Lemon Lavender and Mediterranean Breeze, so this is refreshing. Very millennial tita vibe.

Wishing everyone’s safety and wellness. With everything being forcefully shifted online, a sight I truly miss is seeing people smile and loved ones hug. I am truly, truly looking forward to it.

Hoping I can effectively deliver my #SustainablyShifted advocacy. 

Wearing my grandmother’s muscle tee! My heart will always have a special place for vintage!

Loving life lately. I have a job, my loved ones are well, I found a creative outlet, and I still have time for kdrama (and a blog).

Wanting to get on a plane! But don’t we all….

Needing cookies! The last ones I had were over a month ago and I hope I have enough willpower to bake before this long weekend ends.

Feeling quite content with what I have and where I am. There’s a lot to do and more places to see but right now, I am truly, truly happy. 

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