The Sunday Currently No. 4

25 April 2021

Regardless if you're ready or not, boy oh boy do things change.

Change of career. Change of lifestyle. Change of heart........?

Reading Buy Yourself the Fucking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life. Extremely grateful my previous mentor gave this to me. Abso-freakin-lutely love Tara Schuster's humor. Sharing with you one of my many favorite excerpts: "You are worth seven-dollar lilies. You are worth the thing that instantly makes your life better."

Writing on my journal. Since the start of 2021, I've developed an amateur routine of journaling and reading daily devotions. My therapist was right, journaling. is. magic.

Listening to the Linya-linya show podcast as I write this. Ever since 2018, I've been obsessed with finding new podcasts to listen to, most especially by locals #supportlocal. 

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Thinking about Ramen Nagi's Red King and Wolfgang's Sirloin Steak. Yep, nothing else.

Smelling french vanilla! I've rekindled my love for candles ever since I got Heart and Home's French vanilla candle melt to test it out late last year. This counter is now accepting candles as birthday present.

Wishing I get to see my family before the year ends. 

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Hoping I get to sustain this level of calm within me. It's not flawless but it's far from where its been. 

Wearing a face mask and loungewear. Read: weekend galore. 

Thank you bestie aka sponsor for the face mask.

Loving this new lifestyle of loungewear all day, learning Google tricks, and sunny side up eggs on everything a.k.a. silog is life. 

Wanting to blog. Fast forward to my 20s, I’m still stuck with my 10-year-old’s belief in pretty collages. You’re right, it wasn’t just childhood

Needing the beach! In the name of transparency, I am in all honesty, not a beach-bum-beer-drinking kind. The garden’s pretty zen but it would be nice to spread my beach towel on the beach.

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Feeling quite content with what I have and where I am. There’s a lot to do and more places to see but right now, I am truly, truly happy. Self-awareness and learning accountability plays quite the role but of course that’s for another time.

I know, this isn't as far down as I usually go. But it’s awfully nice to take things lightly. I am absolutely contented with where I'm at. Looking back at things: seeing a therapist, losing a loved one, taking on a new career path, and changing a lifestyle wasn't what my 16-year-old self would've pictured but by God's grace, the waves in me have chastened and I am ready to take on the world that is said to be my oyster. 

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