Breakfast food and Milestones

24 March 2022

Just like that—the first quarter has come to an end. It’s time for realizations and taking time to document them. I still have so much to strive for but there’s nothing like the magic of a grateful heart to keep me grounded. 

It took much willpower to accept that certain circumstances bend habits of tradition. Like missing my parents’ wedding anniversary, missing my Yaya's [70th] birthday, or annoying my sister each time she comes home from hospital duty. I often wish that my favorite people lived in one city. But I’ve learned to sit with the adage that to leave home is to break your own heart—to make space for more.

As a person clinically diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, it took me quite a while to settle with the idea that it’s okay when it takes time to be okay. Admittedly, change scares me. Nonetheless, as a true blue adult, I’ve started to work on it. Surprisingly, when I sat with it, it doesn’t look so crazy. I’ll let you in on a secret: change comes with compromise.

In all this, I learned that I am grateful to be able to surround myself with people who give me space to grow. This helped me realize that I’m the only person who’s after me. People change, people are different, and people need to water themselves to grow.  Even if that mean's leaving home for a little while. After all, you’ll see more of the view when you leave the nest.

Human as I am, I sometimes forget that I used to [just] pray for what I have now. Much more than materialism, it’s courage, peace, and stability that I am most grateful for. In spite of it, I continue to seek the grace of an understanding heart.

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