Packed a Weekend Bag

21 August 2022

With so much going on, I've finally decided to call a time off from work and reap what I sowed.

I will be honest, I had my laptop tucked in the same pocket as my swimsuit. The weekend reminded, if not taught me completely, that it's all in time management. The cliche work-life balance that's so casually blurted especially rings true. Regardless of what life throws at you, it's important to be able to gauge your headspace. It might take more than referencing your Google Calendar dependence.

For so long, I've believed that hustle culture has been on a pedestal. Some people might take it too seriously and forget that real life is outside the confines of my computer (some people is me). It might be taking a quick dip in the pool or stuffing my face with lechon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking sweet time to smell the flowers. While savoring time with the people you love—even if it's exclusively with yourself.

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