What I Wanted to Tweet

01 October 2022

While all of us are entitled to our own disappointments, mine, this time particularly with the election results, I decided to go against pop culture and abandoned my Twitter account.

I had this sitting in the drafts folder of my productivity app for the longest time. I'd like to think publishing this is step 1 to accepting my defeat and bursting my bubble.

9 August 2022
  • Direly itching to binge-watch Gilmore Girls. It's painful to even say but.......adulting.......
  • I love how Filipino teleserye has evolved into offering more exciting story plots that people [actually] anticipate. I am people. People is me.
  • Wine tasting in Tuscany with my besties and taking photos and videos the internet will never see. A dream.
  • The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they said.
10 August 2022
  • Look for the good in everything. Love and light and vibrations
14 September 2022
  • I have a lot going on but I can't get ice cream sandwich off my mind.
  • I hope this new schedule allows my laptop to breathe more. Oh, and me too.
27 September 2022
  • While I've been conscious about my weight gain, my subconscious mind screams for pancit canton sweet and spicy.
25 September 2022
  • I guess life really is a roller coaster but the important part is admitting that android is exciting too.
28 September 2022
  • A juicy burger and the right amount of milk in my latte. My city is the best. 
30 September 2022
  • Revisiting university days with my favorite trio. Always, always, always <3

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