A Toast to Time

21 December 2023 Bali, Indonesia

Caution: Photo Heavy

So, finallytime to sit down and etch this core memory in my little corner of the world wide web. I promise with my pinky that Chatgpt didn't have a hand in this.

I used to think lightly of the idea that time is a gift. And boy can it play you. I am grateful for the person I've become but my home office can get a little too stuffy especially when I have to work day and nightliterally. Sometimes not even a nearby cafe can help shake it off. 

Taking a break from the adult hysteria also means pausing everything else while counterbalancing the verifiable truth that the world doesn't stop for anyone. Haggling for days off, putting clients on hold, assigning student readings, and putting off readings as a student. But that'sof course—just the tip of the iceberg we needed to lull.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "It's not the destination, it's the journey." If anything, this trip proved the truth in the adage that time is indeed a gift. We were taunted for the lack of itinerary but that's the point that was often missed. The only itinerary was to get out of the frenzy. The inside jokes and the never-ending banter are the stories I will tell my kin. What a way to start a new life chapter.

To say you've filled my heart with core memories is an understatement. The time you've given me is everything. I will be eternally grateful, sisters.

All my love,
Imam's assistant
Group 2




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