Oh, little things

19 April 2020

Here I am, dusting off this tiny webspace like it hasn't been the nth time of disappearance.

Articulation of disdain for apathy in these trying times doesn't sit well with my anxiety tendencies. A realization that an internet argument isn't my strongest suit aka I am an emotional carnage and I acknowledge the need to recalibrate. Hence, with great determination, I am taking two steps back as I try to heave an unhealthy social media routine. Holding back doesn't take away the horrors but it does keep you sane.

The Beatles hit home run when they said I get by with a little help from my friends. Rekindling conversations while looking back and looking forward to what could be, has been the little things that push me take one baby step forward amidst taking two steps back.

Oh, the joy you find in little things. Learning meal prep, tricky home workouts, picking up shelved books, and getting into kdrama. With first-hand experience of losing sleeping, I can finally grasp what the fuss is about. Oh, and annoying my bestfriends by happy crushing non-stop (on a millennial mayor). P.S. Marc knows about it too.

Some days, I’m hopeful I’ll get a better view of the sunset again and some days, I’m terrified I won’t. But with iced coffee on one hand and a stylus pen on the other, every privilege I have to keep me lucid in this crisis will suffice. I have more than most. I am grateful.

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