25 for 25

07 May 2020

There's something so magical about turning 25—simply put, a fascination over the distinction of a perplexed life arbitration. Perhaps a tickle to my fancy on curiouser and curiouser. Speaking in train of my interests, I am one to make corporeal lists for everything. Daily tasks, long term goals, groceries to buy, even kdrama to watch. Hence, I think it's only proper to make my debut as a 25-year-old with a preview in list of why I am who I am:

  1. Multimedia arts has always been the craziest reverie.
  2. My obsession over medically related shows stem from my third grade Christmas break experience of  watching my older cousins lose sleep over Grey's Anatomy. But Dr. House will always be my first love.
  3. There's no doubt in my love for breakfast food with iced coffee but the satisfaction of downing a tasty medium well steak alongside a glass (or two) of Cabernet Sauvignon is something else.
  4. I never leave the house without a calming balm of any kind. Periodt.
  5. I once found solace in the reconciliation of exclusivity in the form of BlackBerry Messenger. I was a 14-year-old with seeping privilege. Yes, I admit I didn't know better.
  6. Before I started blogging in 2009, I spent my childhood exchanging stories with my grandmother. Her passing pushed me to deviate my adolescent energy of story telling to the vast world of the internet. Hence, the birth of this (nth) blog.
  7. We all have that one odd year. Mine was 2014 and it's still easily the year that taught me well.
  8. Even when I am advised otherwise, I always take the liberty to consume coffee even after 7 PM.
  9. Speaking for my 5-year-old self, remarkable excitement gush at me whenever I click the shutter regardless of the subject. Fast-forward 20 years, here I am still clicking the shutter regardless of the subject. 
  10. Took me x amount of years to realize social media isn't real life.
  11. Contrary to popular belief, I actually have quite an interest for history. Colonialism and imperialism, political theories and peculiarities, social divide, wildlife, and why people are who they are.
  12. As a disclaimer, do whatever floats your boat. But for the life of me, I still do not get the purpose of having thousands of people on my Facebook friend list when I can't comfortably ask them to answer a career changing survey or where they got that awfully good-looking waffles from. It's just Facebook but it is Faceook.
  13. I don’t mind spending a lump sum on instax films aka my life's guilty pleasure.
  14. I would like to thank my parents for the psyche that classics are to die for. Hence, my obsession for vintage and Spotify's 80s and 90s Best Lovesongs of All Time playlist.
  15. All my juvenile years of socializing has gotten me to the conclusion that 5" heels are beyond my capacity to morning the night without a take home blister.
  16. Newsflash: It took a pandemic for me to realize designer things are usually not worth my money.
  17. As mentioned, I am big on lists. I live off on life instructions aka my planner and a bunch of sticky notes everywhere.
  18. I enjoy a vacation for a vacation. Comfortably napping on a cushioned day bed, drinking cocktails by the poolside bar, curated candid photos, etc. etc. I like signora things. Cue in: Sorry not sorry.
  19. I've fallen in love with Korean drama for the sole reason that it tackles more than a forbidden long-lost love. 
  20. I don't like wasting my time. I don't give compliments when I don't mean it and 8/10 times, I already know what I want to order even before the waiter asks for it.
  21. According to the ever trusted Thought Catalog, being a Taurus, I am emotional by nature. That's it, that's the tea. I concede to the truth and it's a daily self carnage I long to completely outplay
  22. Despite my best efforts, I can't seem to find a connection with pop culture's hip hop music. I'm sorry, Instagram close friends. 
  23. I said Instagram close friends because I take that list with a straight face and a glass of the Godfather.
  24. My pet peeves are the following but not limited to: open mouth chewing, evading personal space, cocky blabbermouths, and the constant push to break my silence even when unnecessary
  25. This year, I have decided never to tip toe for the convenience of a relationship. I protect my peace through the absence of a moral compass in adverse to mine. This is rule #1 of self-love, camarada.

Ah, to officially be in the mid 20s and making mandatory life-changing decisions while watching Frozen for the 10th time.


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