The Sunday Currently no. 1

24 May 2020

I couldn’t figure out whether it’s PMS (tmi, right) that’s making me a little extra sappy lately or if I’m just really a huge cheese ball behind closed doors all this time.

I would like to challenge my attention span (that is now likened to a 5-year-old) and try documenting the tiny mundane things that aspire me to keep going in these strange times. Having said that, an easy template would be nice for the sake of future reference. Here is an attempt to rejoin the conclave that is Sunday Currently. 

Cae is currently:

Reading The Art of War—which was sitting unfinished for years. I won’t even try to make pretentious reasons. I never made time. That’s the tea.

Writing on a makeshift journal. Ahh, the magic of journaling. It’s like a therapist minus value added tax. Periodt.

Listening to my Freshman Playlist on Spotify. As mentioned, I’ve been a little extra sappy, so I dug the treasure chest by singing to Ocean Avenue at the top of my lungs.

Thinking about taking a risk aka gambling on The Year of Living Awkwardly on Amazon in this time of delivery insufficiency to feed my Chloe Snow Diary addiction. I imagine clicking add to cart and checkout but while I wait for the customs claim stub, an announcement of availability in local bookstores appear. Nightmare. As a privileged person, I am filing this under third world problems. 

Smelling reheated cookies (which I bragged about to my best friends last night) and in lieu of freshly brewed beans, allow my mom and I to indulge in the greatness of instant coffee. Filed under the pros and cons of suburban residency.

Wishing for an end to bad governance. Yes, I am leaving this cliffhanger to your curiosity. 

Hoping I get a hold of the skincare I thoroughly added to cart while perusing the ingredients list; in hopes of coherently mimicking my dermatologist’s prescription. Aka pimple and psor breakouts send help asap. 

Wearing pajamas! A special s/o to the top I borrowed but never got to return from a sleepover 6 years ago. Hi Spammy!

Loving that I’m no longer embarrassed of owning this tiny space on the internet. Surround yourself with the right people indeed. Insert hearts around face emoji.

Wanting a new set of workout clothes! I would like to address the "need" for a dash of motivation in a form of new workout clothes I’ll barely even wear when I get back to the 8-6 desk.

Needing new Cabernet glasses. Yet again, this rant: Everything is on the internet........except Cabernet glasses.

Feeling everything all at once. As experience is the best teacher, the most important lesson is not to drown in sunsets. But to rise with the new day instead.

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