Time to make time

21 June 2020

It's an experience I've been wanting to try and auspicious as it is, I am able to take the town's lockdown as a liberty to head into my home's garden, spread a beach towel, and sip coffee while I read a book. And admittedly take a few unapologetic snaps. Cue in #sorrynotsorry.

Un-shelving a third book. Although it's been 7 days, I only downed 7 chapters yet. Temptation is the enemy of the weak aka attention span deficiency. And in relation to a good book is often a great cup of coffee especially when brewed by oneself and fine, giving into dalgona has been serving me well. Listening to Claire and The Crosby's all day was key to keeping my sanity in check while unearthing the treasure chest that is my grandmother's closet. If you look hard enough, there really is magic in the mundane aka vintage designer (wink, wink). And lastly on the file of new favorite habits, I enjoy casually wearing a bikini in the garden (as pictured below) in hopes of ingesting more prescribed vitamin D. Urban sunlight will do for now. 

Although good things take time and it's only been a quarter's worth, I have accustomed myself to do what I can, given the circumstances. Yoga has been one of the practices I've been meaning to try for years and here we are, a week shy from completing a 30-day program. Discipline really does take you places—in this case, a pretty decent downward facing dog. And while we're in the zone of indulgent,  the route to mastering dough for a perfect chocolate chip cookie has been quite interesting. Some days they're too pretty to eat and some days they look like this.

I am grateful to be able to use this pandemic as a step back. It's always the little things and it's important to make the most out of what's in front of you. Phillip Carlyle was right when he said "don't keep saying our hands are tied". Postponing reunions and cancelling flights are only for now, but as the sun rises, so will we.

Note:  Ever since the quarantine began, the City's LGU has mandated a lockdown every Sunday for thorough disinfection and sanitation. 

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