The Sunday Currently No. 2

28 June 2020

Mistakes aka extra milk on cold brew coffee.

As mentioned in my previous Sunday Currently entry, the sole purpose of  rejoining the conclave was to document what was and what is. A month later, it's only my second entry yet. To be blatantly fair to the effort I put in, I just want to say yikes.

Cae is currently:

Reading Nama Beach High: New Girl in Town. A third un-shelved book from a 2017 trip to Booksale. Not  to exaggerate but I'm two weeks shy from hitting a month-sary with this 170-paged book and I'm still on Chapter 7. Wack.

Writing ideas I'd like to note from 10 room makeover YouTube videos I've watched thus far. Like dismantling my TV console to make more room for framed Instax films. Yes, Rachel Metz roger that. 

Listening to The Crosbys. Their adorable family dynamic is looking to be a cure for my insanity.

Thinking about painting an accent wall in my room. I swear, man these makeover videos easily get to me. Please do not highlight this declaration as I am a 25-year-old who can't assemble almost everything without the help of my sister.

Smelling freshly baked cinnamon rolls! Waking up from an afternoon nap to copious amount of rolls, what more could I ask for? I'm not just saying this because of freshly baked goods but A+ big sister, really.

Wishing for a shorter time of online order fulfillment. This girl direly needs some facial moisture.

Hoping for a better week. I have a comfortable roof over my head and can opt to order coffee grounds to ship but hope on this sense touches base with the reality that other people literally have it worse. From this point in the situation, I really have no reason to complain. I hope things get better for them.

Wearing the muscle tee I unearthed from my lola's treasure chest aka a closet of vintage gems. 90's style comfort.

Loving my 30-day yoga journey. Two days left but I will always be grateful to have stumbled upon an eye-opening practice. Sound mind, sound body indeed. 

Wanting to give my room a makeover. I told you. Those darn YouTube videos. 

Needing Cabernet glasses! I was set on ordering online on my first week back at the office but asofte said, expectation doesn't always align with reality aka a revert to ECQ.

Feeling cozy when it rains. I admit, an epiphany in a form of a pandemic took me to realize the luxuries I've often taken for granted. Growing up sheltered isn't an excuse for apathy. If anything, it's a pathetic alibia Parasite moment. You can't grow unless you burst your bubble.

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