Current Head Space

09 August 2020

Between hiccup intervals, I've learned to shift my focus on what needs to be done and cling onto Nike's wisdom: Just Do It. 

I found aspiration in between check points, paper works, and video conferences. Despite the worldwide hysteria, my headspace is surprisingly at a good place. No, this webspace isn't hacked. And yes, this is Cae speaking. Cae 3.0? 4.0? Who knows! The world’s been evolving pretty fast lately and I’ve just been trying to keep up.

There isn’t a play by play on mending oneself. I'd like to believe it’s on the daily minuscule decisions. The tiny little decisions like doing my brows in the car to make room for breakfast with my parents, cutting short a lunch break Suits episode to run through my presentation, spending hours on Zoom with my best friends after inventory polishing, and sending Marc gifs after a long day to tell him about the long day. These win-win situations allow me to make time for what truly mattes—in the 8-5 and in real life. These tiny decisions make my life feel alive.

Perhaps, Stephen Covey’s 90/10 principle especially makes sense as I get older. I’m just trying to roll with the punches, take what’s mine, and when it accidentally hits me, I find a Filipino teleserye to binge or tweet a government rant to mend it all away.

Closing credits: Written and produced at 2am. Hence, anything found herewith shall not be held against the writer.

Shoutout: Thanks for keeping me sane at the office!

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