Notes for Cae

03 September 2021

Making lists help keep my OCD in check. Although my listicles have gone digital, I still keep post-it reminders on my desktop table. Favorite Bible verses, books to read, and anxiety tips. Can't. Live. Without. Post. Its. Periodt.

Notes to Cae:

It's okay to have a routine that isn't routine. When you have OCD, it's important to keep a schedule. If you're 5 minutes off track, it feels like the end of the world. Stop living like this! Do what you gotta do but take your time. There's plenty.

Take your time. In therapy this week, you were reminded to take your time. Dealing with the anxiety that comes with having to make a decision is much better than dealing with the consequences made by rash decisions.  So take. your. damn. time. Jollibee can wait.

The scars are okay.  Having psoriasis alone is stressful. It pops up on areas you never thought it would and at times you wish you didn't have it at all. But you're okay, kid. It's okay. 

It's okay to be friendly yet antisocial. People think of you as stuck-up and privileged. What they don't know is it takes so much energy to be in a big social setting. A group of 3 new people is okay but beyond that? Oh my gosh. Please pass me my Xanax. Thank you!

It is not yours to chase. Hard work and overwork are two different things. Don't be afraid to let go if it doesn't feel right. It was never yours, to begin with. With His grace, whatever is meant for you will not slip past you. He has your name written on something bigger.

Who are you to be embarrassed? Your recent reading reminded you of the importance of walking with Him. It doesn't matter if they don't understand. Take pride in your faith.

P.S. While Pinterest is fun and sparks creativity, you're your best self when you're yourself.

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