Life’s what you make it

07 April 2022

The wise Hannah Montana once said: Stay mad, why do that? Give yourself a break. Laugh about it and you'll see.

Border lining type A personality, I used to think it had to be my way or the highway. No room for errors. No leeway. No option b. Everything must go as planned. But if you ask me, I was a walking contradiction. 

Life recently hasn’t been what I had in mind but mimicking what Hannah said, “Don't let no small frustration, ever bring you down.” Not even a bad case of acid reflux. Spontaneous out of towns (1/2), 12 am food trips, and increased caffeine intake (like always)—but I can’t forget the pre-game to all of those too.

I’ve mentioned a spark about the magic in the mundane and I believe in it best. I might’ve had to take a ton of therapy sessions to truly learn the art of letting go. It’s not like she was the first person who’s ever said it but she was right—discouragement, disappointments, and frustrations are part of the process. The most crucial component is when and how you pick yourself up.

As Oprah Winfrey once said: “You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.” 

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